Welcome to the Onondaga county AMPRNet gateway

Since its allocation to Amateur Radio in the mid-1980's, Internet network 44 (,, known as the AMPRNetâ„¢, has been used by amateur radio operators to conduct scientific research and to experiment with digital communications over radio with a goal of advancing the state of the art of Amateur Radio networking, and to educate amateur radio operators in these techniques.


What is the AMPRNet

The AMPRNet is a part of the Internet address space devoted solely for amateur radio operators. Local AMPRNet networks are radio-based networks mostly using packet radio and 802.11 Wi-Fi technologies on amateur radio frequencies to exchange data using the IP protocols. The local and regional radio networks are interconnected over the Internet using a mesh network of tunnels between gateway systems.


There are a number of future services planned for the AMPRNet if you are in Onondaga county and would like to join the AMPRNet to provide a service please contact K2EXE below.

  • NetRemind - Local net reminder service
  • BBS - JNOS
  • Winlink gateway - RMS Express RF to email gateway
  • Mesh network - TBD future mesh network


I can be reached via Twitter @K2EXE or email @arrl.net